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How Our Smokers Work

It Smokes. It Grills. It Gives Unparalleled Flavour.

There are so many types of meat smokers and BBQ’s on the market, deciding which is best for you can be overwhelming. The fact of the matter is that wood pellet smokers/grills cook differently than traditional gas, propane, and charcoal BBQ’s. By using pellets made of compacted wood and sawdust, wood pellet smokers are able to add a smokey flavour to your food that you can’t get anywhere else.

The smoker itself runs on electricity and is plugged into an outlet for power. Wood pellets are added to the hopper and funneled down to a rotating auger and motor. This auger then pushes pellets into the fire-pot at a speed and time set by the temperature control panel. When they reach the fire-pot an igniter rod creates a flame and smoke is produced. A fan at the bottom of the fire-pot blows upward and spreads heat and smoke around the body of the smoker adding convection style cooking to your meal.

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  1. Choose your favourite wood pellet flavour and load them into the hopper.

  2. Set the temperature gauge to smoke with the simple turn of a dial — it’s as easy as turning on your oven.

  3. An auger at the bottom of the hopper pulls the pellets into the fire-pot where they make contact with the hot rod and ignite.

  4. Once smoking, set the temperature gauge to the desire smoke temperature – again another simple turn of the dial.

  5. The heat baffle separates the flames from your food to prevent flare-ups.

  6. With convection heating, the circulation fan distributes the heat across the entire cooking surface so your food is cooked evenly every time.

  7. While your food cooks the “Smoke Stacks” smoker automatically adds the right amount of pellets needed to maintain the desired temperature. Back to your guests. No more babysitting the smoker !

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