"Smoking is in our blood. What started out as a hobby quickly consumed us and became a passion. We want to share that with you."

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The Faces Behind Smoke Stacks

We are a family from Sydney’s Inner West who love creating and sharing delicious food.


After a particularly stellar rack of ribs at a local smoke house we found ourselves driven to recreate the experience at home. We soon found that the search for the right smoker was a rabbit hole of over-priced, under performing smokers. It became apparent that – as the old adage goes – if you want it done right, do it yourself!


We found a supplier who shared our passion and worked tirelessly together to create a range of high quality, reliable and well priced smokers and accessories.


Once we’d cracked the code there was no turning back – Now we spend our weekends smoking meat, fish, vegetables or whatever else our latest experiment calls for, on our own smokers!


We look forward to sharing the results of our work with you!


Cheers and Happy Smoking!

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