The Echidna Wood - Pellet Smoker Wifi & Double Walls

The Echidna Wood - Pellet Smoker Wifi & Double Walls


Full double thickness chamber walls AND double thickness lid smoker. 
PID controller with WIFI and Bluetooth. Three degrees Celsius temperature increments. 

  • Controller

    PID controller - loop feedback mechanism to regulate temperature

    WIFI Controller with App.

    Bluetooth enable controller

    One input for Meat Temperature Probe

    Digital display permanently showing Meat Probe Temperature

    Free one Meat Temperature Probe

    Temperature increment - 3c

    Temperature range - 83c - 230c


    High-temperature powder coat

    Lid thickness 2mm

    Fully enclosed two doors storage cabinet

    Four pivoted casters 

    Two casters with locking brake

    9 Kg hopper capacity

    Hopper pellet dump door

    Hopper lid thickness 1mm

    Insulated doudle wall lid

    Grease can


    Total Cooking Surface: 0.45 Sq. m (690 sq. in.)

    Main Level: 70 cm X 49 cm Cooking area of 3,430 sq. cm (507 sq. in.)

    Upper Level: 70 cm X 16 cm Cooking area of 1,120 sq. cm (173 sq. in.)

    High quality steel with enamel layer grill, very easy to maintain.

    Removable top grate

    Insulated doudle wall chamber


    Heavy-duty steel construction

    Seams welded, heat-resistant powder coated.

    Drip pan protects against flare-ups by catching food dripping.

    Net weight 85Kg

    Product Dimension LWH: 1230x750x1230mm (48x22x48inch)

    Package Dimension LWH: 1180x570x720mm (46x22x28inch)

    Optional accessories

    Smoke Gun

    Bamboo hopper cover 

    Front Shelf 

    Extra Rack 


    Meat temperature probe 

    Side table 

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